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BME/BAME Engagement 


Our focus 


Delivering diverse engagement process for diverse candidates and growing talent within organisations.


we truly believe that a person’s background shouldn’t have an impact on their ability to work. If anything, having a range of perspectives and experiences around the table leads to a more productive working environment.

For an organisation that is interested in diversity and inclusion it can often be an opportunity to maintain a representative demographic profile or address any imbalance that might exist within the organisation. However, despite some best endeavours on the part of employers and recruitment agencies, minority groups are still disadvantaged through many recruitment campaigns

This has led us to formulate an inclusive engagement approach that helps businesses tap into a pool of professionals that are often under-utilised. We look to work in partnership with organisations and help you reach more qualified candidates from diverse communities and other underrepresented groups.

We are working with several leading organisations within the Private, Public and 3rd sector on ways to better attract and retain staff from BAME, LGBT, Female Leaders, Disability and other diverse backgrounds.




What are Bame groups?


BAME – Black and Minority Ethnic or Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic is the terminology normally used in the UK to describe people of non-white descent.

What is the difference between BME and Bame?

BAME is the acronym for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, whereas BME is the acronym for Black and Minority Ethnic


What We Do

  • Supporting BME people to get involved in the ways that they want to.

  • Helping BME people to link with existing or set up new community / activities based on their interests and identifying (through the BME needs assessment) and developing relationships with key BME groups and BME community leaders.

  • Providing support to these groups to develop their skills, confidence and independence, so they can in turn widen out support to new groups.

  • Identifying BME community learning needs and brokering support to meet need.

  • Working through anchor groups to each to engage with more isolated people.

  • Mapping and storing activities in a BME engagement database and sharing learning, skills and contacts over time to establish a BME national engagement database.

  • Establishing a citywide BME engagement network linked to community structures.

  • Coordinating annual BME  events, to develop key priorities and understanding of issues that can be used to feed into partnerships including Inclusion Partnership with other organisations . These events will be an opportunity for statutory services to come along and listen to the priorities of the community needs.

  • Working together to improve communications across the UK allowing and mitigating for additional barriers that different cultures will experience

  • Recruitment 

Engaging Approach for  BME/BAME

Fletcher's Business Solutions, we pride ourselves in taking a unique approach to attracting senior diverse candidates and look at the most effective ways to attract, recruit and retain senior talent.

There is a significant lack of racial diversity at the top of UK organisations. This is unacceptable in 2017. Addressing racial equality is a societal issue, a moral issue, and a business issue. It must be a priority for business. 

Everyone should have equal access to work and opportunity to reach their potential, regardless of identity, background or circumstance. For too long the need for change has been recognised but not acted on, and although we have seen some shift in board composition, we haven’t seen it in practice to the extent or at the pace required. There’s been notable progress on gender, albeit only over the last seven years, and we need to build on the successes of campaigns that have increased female representation at the top of organisations to now make significant strides with ethnic diversity.

As well as there being an undeniable moral case for change, the diversity of ideas, perspective and ways of working afforded by people of different backgrounds and identities will benefit individuals, organisations, society and the economy. In addition, we’re already seeing changing population demographics in terms of ethnicity, age and other personal characteristics, which means the employers already taking action will be on the front foot in being able to attract talent from a wider talent pool.

Diverse engagement is about widening the pool from which candidates are sourced so that you can find the best person for the job.

We focus on aligning candidates to the right organisation with an inclusive culture that can help them to flourish and enhance their talent. We work with our clients to make sure prior to any engagement, we put in place effective support measures that will help the candidates achieve their full potential once in the role.

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