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EV Charging Points

If you are looking to provide EV charging points at your business premises then we have a range of solutions available. Whether you’re looking to offer a single charge point or multiple charge points we can tailor something to suit your needs. Working with a range of energy suppliers we can ensure that your EV charge points are in place and ready to use quickly and efficiently. We also ensure we deliver value for money and provide you a competitive rate on your EV charging energy.


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Why EV ?

Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK and with the focus on green energy, congestion charge exemption and other incentives this is only set to increase. Your staff and your customers are both likely to start increasing their use of electric vehicles, so you can be ahead of the curve in offering them charge points at your premises!

With the above information, a quote will be produced. Every single EV charging install is bespoke, due to civil and electric works required to run the cabling and securing the charge points. We also need to review the fuse board along with the electric meter type to see what level of chargers are available.

All our quotes are based upon the information given above. Any further works that are not listed in the quotation will be deemed as extra and therefore chargeable. No further works will be carried out until discussed and a price agreed.

If more information is required or a customer has any questions, we can organise a call.

There is a huge array of electric vehicle charging options out there and this is a first-time purchase for a lot of our customers. Therefore, we have worked to educate our customers and will be consultative throughout the process to ensure the requirements are met for now and in the future.

All electric vehicles have a battery capacity. To work out the time it would take to charge, you divide the battery capacity by the rate of the charger installed.

For example:

  • Jaguar I-Pace has a capacity of 90 kWh with a range of 292 miles.

  • BMW i3 has a capacity of 42.2kWh with a range of 193 miles.

  • On a 7.2kWh socket each would take the below time to charge

  • Jaguar I-Pace:- 12.5 hours.

  • BMW i3:- 5.8 hours.

  • A day charging at the office would fully charge the i3 for 193 miles and the I-Pace would add 64% charge and add 187 miles.

    For any SMART meters below, please add 15% to enable you to charge the public for the use of the charger. The end user can set the price for these and there is a small merchant fee for this. On the speed of the charging we can advise on the market rate for these. An example below:

    Customer’s energy cost is 12p per kWh.
    Charge public 18p per kWh.
    Customer receives 16.2p per kWh.
    Customer makes 4.2p per kWh.

    Pricing starts from:

    Wall Mounted Domestic – For Driveways etc. includes Domestic App to Manager

    Prices from-

  • 3.6KW socket - £478.88

  • 7.2KW socket - £478.88

  • + 5m type 2 tethered £85.45

  • + 10m type 2 tethered £123.55

  • **Add colour choice - £52.50

    Wall Mounted Commercial no app
    WallPod (single only) WCS – lower cost plastic units

    Prices from-

  • 3.6KW Single - £585.93

  • 7.2KW single - £585.93

  • *Add key switch - £38.94
    **Add colour choice - £52.5
    ***Add custom branding - £123.54

    SecuriCharge WCS – metal more durable and professional units

    Prices from-

  • 3.6KW Single - £995.12

  • 7.2KW single - £995.12

  • 3.6KW Double - £1,548.08

  • 7.2KW Double - £1,548.08

  • *Add key switch - £38.94 per socket
    **Add custom branding - £123.54

    Ground Mounted Pedestal Commercial QUANTUM WCS

    Prices from-

  • 3.6KW Single - £1,036.30

  • 7.2KW single - £1,036.30

  • 11KW Single SMART - £1,928.57

  • 22KW single SMART - £1,928.57

  • 3.6KW Double - £1,530.50

  • 7.2KW Double - £1,530.50

  • 11KW Double SMART - £2,230.07

  • 22KW Double SMART - £2,230.07

  • *Add key switch - £38.94 per socket
    **Add custom branding - £144.58
    ***Add colour choice £52.50

    Ground Mounted RAPID AND ULTRA
    DELTA 25KW UNIT (wall mounted) tethered key,

    Prices from-

  • CCS 4M - £8,804.38

  • CCS 7M - £9,351.87

  • CCS & CHAdeMO 4M - £10,173.11 wall

  • Add ground mounting stand - £656.99

  • 50kW DC + 65kW AC 4in1 (CHAdeMO + CCS + AC 43kW + 22kW) - £28,924.60

  • 100kW DC + 65kW AC 4in1 (CHAdeMO + CCS + AC 43kW + 22kW) - £41,243.10

  • 150kW DC + 65kW AC 4in1 (CHAdeMO + CCS + AC 43kW + 22kW) - £54,930.6

  • Ground mount structure - £672.53