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Training & consultancy


At Fletcher's  we aim to work in collaboration with organisations who commission us, in order to develop change that can be sustained by practitioners long after our associates have finished their work.  


We bring years of experience not just in training but in a range of professional settings; our models are not ‘branded’ or ‘licensed’  because we believe that practice evolves over time through the professional community collaborating together to build on established ideas and approaches.


We know that bringing in “the experts” to deliver short training programs may result in practitioners feeling that they have been “told what to do” rather than owning the ideas and having time to try out the skills that have been taught and make them their own.

Our single and multi-agency training delivers high quality, cost effective training designed to suit your requirements and budget. By listening to and understanding our customers’ requirements, we are able to use that knowledge to develop training courses tailored to your needs.

We work with you to share and develop ideas, suggest relevant  aims and outcomes which take account of current national context, and ensure that our training is flexible and adaptable. Our excellent track record, working with multi-agency organisations nationwide, equips us with the ability to anticipate challenges, requirements, opportunities and constraints faced daily by our customers.

A range of relevant training methods are used. Our training:

  • integrates agency policy and procedures

  • promotes anti-oppressive practice

  • delivers up-to-date research, practice and knowledge

  • takes place within a context where everyone feels safe to learn





Our Consultants and our associates are experienced entrepreneurs and individuals are able to take you ideas and to make then into reality and support businesses through strategic planing and building strong infrastructures. 


Our consultants have strategic management experience and unique leadership skills we are able to provide strategic and operational support in the following areas;

  • Recruitment 

  • Bid writing inc CSR, Community Engagement etc.

  • Business and Strategic Planning

  • Operational and Project Management

  • Public Speaking and Business Presentations

Our unique training provides participants with the chance to interact with each other and create a debate on topics that are of importance to the organisation they are in.  In an era where people primarily use technology to communicate and are moving farther away from human contact, this concept brings teams together. 

The innovative training Fletcher's brings to each training session allows participants to share experiences and strengthen their knowledge. The interactive training can be made bespoke and in line with the aims and objectives of each organisation.

Fletcher's breadth of associates and consultants has experience and a reputation of delivering program in the following areas:


Soft Skills Training inc. Communication, Working in Teams, Personal Development

Presentation and Interview Skills

Cultural Literacy and Competence

Understanding Conflict

Problem Solving

Innovative Thinking

Time Management

Business and Enterprise

Sales (Selling Skills) 

Staff Engagement


At Fletcher's we are able to offer you one of the most dynamic, interactive and effective learning experiences for equalities and diversity.  This training solution is for those who want Equalities and Diversity to be integral to their organisation. The aim of the training tool is to;

  • Develop deeper understanding and confidence when working with Equality, Diversity and Human Rights.

  • Explore individual perceptions, assumptions, thinking and behavior about Equality, Diversity and Human Rights issues.

  • Refresh and increase knowledge of legislation, policy and guidance and their influence on individual actions and decision making when working within your organisation.

  • Debate and explore views, challenges and solutions in a range of diversity and equality scenarios.



Fletcher's  have a unique brand of how we work with young people in preparing them for the world of work.  


What we offer is bespoke interaction between the business world and young people – helping to build the skills of the future generation. All our services  can be tailor-made to every client requirement.

  • Careers Talks and Careers Days

We have a large network of organisations across the UK who can offer young people careers advice, information and guidance. We can provide career presentations to young people to inspire them for the future.

  • Interview Workshops

Invite real employers to the workshops to do real interviews for young people. Give young people constructive feedback on their interviews and CV’s.

  • Employability Skills and Work Etiquette

We offer young people employability skills workshops which includes CV preparation, mentoring one on one sessions, apprenticeship preparation and interview skills preparation to inspire confidence in young people when they start employment.

  • Work Placements and Apprenticeships

With our network of contacts we can offer work experience for young people using our employer engagement strategy to place students. All our placements are linked to the industry sectors that are designed and delivered for young people by businesses to prepare for the skills of the future.

  • Care and Careers

Working with South & City College & Careys on the New Birmingham Primark site our program raised  awareness of those who had previous bad experiences which caused barriers, preventing them to achieving success in the work employment.


The mentoring team engaged with these clients assessing the service user's mind-set and ability to attend courses and employment through the scheme, through our continual support allowed more individuals to become recognized skilled tradesmen and women through our guided program.



Leadership Training

If you are going to be a great leader, you need to start with yourself.  The training we provide will stimulate your perceptions, thinking and behavior and will help you to develop your personal and collective leadership. 

The training session uses our method and requires teams to respond to a range of challenging questions and scenarios, ranging from global issues right through to issues you face in your own organisation.  Every element of the program is designed for you to look inwardly and better understand how you not only lead yourself currently but how you want to lead in the future.

By the end of your training session, you will have:

  • Space to reflect on personal and organisational leadership qualities.

  • Understand how to use different leadership skills and strategies to respond to different scenarios.

  • Formulated a plan to develop personal and organisational leadership skills.

Health and Safety

The aim of this training course is to give participants the opportunity to explore, understand and review current Health and Safety practices within the workplace and understand in a fun and interactive way.

  • Understand the main legal requirements within in the UK.

  • Be able to explain the main duties of employers and employees according to current Health and Safety legislation.

  • Identify key reasons why Health and Safety must be taken seriously in any business and give examples of both good and bad practices.

  • Be able to explain the importance of Health and Safety in the work place.

  • Be able to check and review their own knowledge and understanding of Health and Safety by playing the Home Safely game in teams.

  • Know how to take responsibility 



Enhance Your Customer's Experience

A great customer experience must be underpinned by a development program that not only ensures staff understand why it’s important, but more importantly inspires them to want to deliver a great customer experience. Our training program is designed for those who want to strengthen their understanding of their customers needs and ensure that excellent customer service is at the core of the business.  

  • Explore and take ownership for a wide range of customer focused issues.

  • Define and consolidate what the customer experience should be.

  • Understand the physical environment.

  • Understand those small things that really count.

  • Plan for changing customer behaviors and needs.

  • Understand how a great employee experience enhances the staff experience.

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